About Security Central

Security Central is an independent; family owned and operated monitoring company. It began over 50 years ago by the husband-wife duo, Ralph and Christine Brown. The company is now operated by their children and grandchildren.

In 1963, Ralph Brown started a security company called Lake Norman Security Patrol, Inc. Ralph learned the importance of security while serving as a military policeman in the U.S. Army in the 1950s. When Ralph came home to Iredell County after the completion of his military service, he recognized a need for a residential and commercial patrol services. Soon after, he discovered that while patrolling did the job, there was an even better way to protect people 24 hours a day.

Today, Security Central has grown to be one of the largest central stations in the country providing monitoring and dispatch services to over 1,500 security companies with over 340,000 accounts. We operate in all 50 states. The alarm handling takes place in our UL listed facilities in Statesville and Hickory North Carolina. Featured in our facility are three environment-controlled computer rooms that have redundant backups for everything at our facilities.

For over 55 years our goal remains the same:

Offering quality customer service and making sure every customer is an expansion to our growing family.

Our Mission

Through protecting what people value, Security Central is always listening and offering support to those in need, while providing quality service and advanced technology solutions to consumers. By maintaining our family atmosphere, each customer will become dependent on the partnership we are able to provide, making Security Central the only monitoring solution.

Core Values

Our core values define who we are. From our core values we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategy. We have the following core values which are reflected in everything we do.

  • Passion:

    Passion is at the heart of our company and in the minds of our team. We are continuously moving forward while focusing on the root of our existence to drive us to improvement.

  • Diversity:

    We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests and talents to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

  • People:

    We believe in our team, we are one team comprised of the best possible.

  • Quality:

    What we do, we do well.

  • Integrity:

    We are honest, open, ethical and fair. People trust our word.

Our Facilities

Statesville, NC

Hickory, NC

Two Fully Redundant Central Stations

With two fully operating central stations, Security Central is prepared for any event. Load balancing and high availability between the two centers ensures that in the event of disaster, signals and calls are handled in the same way, no matter which location processes them.

Telecoms Network

Leading central station communications provider OneTel provides toll-free re-route technology to ensure that voice and alarm system calls are delivered to one of our central stations for processing across multiple redundant paths. In the event of a failure at any of our telecommunications providers, calls still complete due to the unique self-healing nature of OneTel's toll-free re-route technology. A further layer of backup is provided by WindStream communications, ensuring that calls make it through, no matter what the failure scenario.

IP Network

Our internet connection is provided by enterprise class service from multiple providers, ensuring that we are always online and ready to accept your next generation signals. IP and Cellular communications fail-over automatically using the high availability provisions of the BGP protocol in tandem with IP re-routing technology from Keep Your IP.

Power Infrastructure

• Multiple natural gas and diesel generators with automatic start and automatic switch-over capability.
• Tested weekly by switching our entire facility to backup power for at least 1 hour
• Modular, redundant APC Symmetra UPS's provide battery backup and conditioned power to all critical infrastructure.
• Dual power feeds to all server rooms, in turn feeding dual power supplies in all servers.

Controlled Access & Surveillance

• Biometric access control ensures only authorized personnel may enter property, buildings and departmental spaces.
• Digital video surveillance protects the exterior and interior of all facilities.
• Cameras cover almost 100% of facilities excluding private areas (bathrooms, individual workspaces, etc.)

Our Technology

Multiple Data Centers

• Two private enterprise class data centers.
• Private Cloud and High-Availability.
• World class redundant routers, firewalls, and switches from Cisco, SonicWall, and HP Procurve. • Multi-path optical network.
• High-Availability Cisco UCS blade servers for increased systems reliability.
• Industry leading Manitou alarm processing software from Bold Technologies.
• Triple redundant database servers for Manitou software, mirrored in real time to both locations.
• All data backed up internally to multiple storage devices, and in real time to a secure offsite location.

Telephone Systems

• Fully redundant Avaya Aura PBX's at both central station locations.
• Redundant Communications Manager servers.
• Dual power supplies in all PBX equipment.
• Automatic call distribution to operators
• Automatic call distribution to alarm receivers.
• Automatic alarm receiver fail-over.
• Advanced statistical analysis from Taske, to ensure operator staffing meets predicted requirements.
• 24x7 digital call recording by Higher Ground, allowing immediate review of recorded conversations.

Monitoring Software

Manitou from Bold Technologies takes full advantage of an N-tier architecture with the latest Windows operating system at the core. Manitou centralizes alarm handling functions to provide "One Point of Control," as a result, removing the requirement for monitoring centers to maintain multiple systems. This allows immediate reductions in data entry time, operator error and training over multiple systems. Developed to be scalable for super central stations, smaller monitoring stations and everything in between, Manitou incorporates the latest technology including action patterns, audio/video integration and remote connectivity via the internet and mobile devices.

Alarm Receivers

• Banks of multiple DSC Surgard and Osborne Hoffman receivers to handle all traditional transmission formats.
• DNIS functionality virtually eliminates busy signals.
• Automatic call routing and instant fail-over capability to our banks of receivers.
• IP and Cellular formats from InterLogix, DMP, DSC, Connect 24, Firelite, Honeywell Alarmnet, Tellular, and Uplink.
• Manitou integrated video-verification from I-View Now, RSI Videofied, Cernium Checkvideo, Honeywell, and Dedicated Micros.

Our Employees

We have the greatest employees! We are 100% committed to YOU, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

All employees at Security Central are bonded by the state of North Carolina and other states across the country. Bonding includes a complete fingerprint and criminal record search. All this information is obtained and sent to the Alarm Licensing Board where it is processed by the SBI. The licensing board then reviews the findings and must approve all applicants before anyone is allowed to begin training at our facility. Any offenses other than traffic violations prohibit employment with our company. After potential employees have successfully passed the bonding process, they are subjected to drug screening tests. All employees are randomly tested for drugs during their employment at Security Central.

All Security Central operators are trained by our in-house instructor, who is certified by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International, Inc. (APCO) (APCO certifies 911 dispatchers). During the first four weeks of training new operators spend 160 hours at our on-site training facility. They have access to a simulated central station, set up on a separate computer system, where each new operator practices his or her skills. Our training facility provides valuable experience as the traffic flow, type of signal received, and calls are replicated from actual experiences in the central station. The fifth week of training, the operators are placed in the central station with a qualified, veteran operator for supervised hands-on experience. The final and sixth week of training the new operator is tested by the instructor to be certain all skills have been mastered. The level of service all operators are trained to offers our customers the best customer service and knowledge in an event.

Once a quarter, all central station supervisors and operators attend a mandatory refresher class. During each refresher, we review the latest technology at Security Central as well as review procedures and address any concerns.

Most importantly, you will find our security response team is prompt, friendly and courteous.

Security Central's Team

Courtney Brown, CEO
Caroline Brown, President

Data Entry
Dealer Relations
Technical Support
Customer Service