Monitoring Services

Security Central provides around-the-clock alarm monitoring to residential and commercial properties including farms, industrial facilities, schools, retail stores, banks and elevators.

Our operators answer calls from our central stations in Statesville, NC and Hickory, NC. Security Central operators undergo extensive training and handle each call with the utmost care and attention.

Most basic alarm systems provide protection through digital dialer-enabled panels. Our receivers are compatible with all major transmission formats for burglar, medical and fire panels. Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of formats supported.

Video Monitoring

Our video monitoring services enable you to provide clients with visual verification of events that trigger alarms. In addition to the standard digital signal, our central station can receive or view video showing the event which activated the alarm.

Details of what caused an alarm to trip are used by special services operators to dispatch the appropriate authorities and provide additional information if needed. In addition, your clients can set specific criteria to modify dispatches based on what events are viewed.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of video technologies supported.

Access, Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile apps and access for any device. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and more!

Our mobile access solutions provide advanced features for dealers, technicians, and end users to connect to their monitoring accounts, view information, and change data. Using desktop, laptop, and mobile devices including smartphones, and tablets, users can interact with the monitoring service using a device that meets their needs, whether that be enhanced functionality, or cost effective mobility.

SCAN, the Security Central Access Network provides dealers with the ability to enter submit new accounts, update existing accounts, and place accounts on and off test. Technicians can use their mobile device to place an account on test, and view results all in the palm of their hand.

Mobile PERS

Fully mobile personal emergency response systems allow us to dispatch help regardless of the user's location.

Integrated with our cutting-edge Manitou monitoring software, and using our nationwide database of PSAP jurisdictions, we respond to emergency situations by providing location information to the correct authorities.

Our industry relationships, training, and development resources ensure a quick ramp up as you expand into the mPERS market or establish a telehealth program. We offer several different solutions for several different situations. Including our newest product, the SoloProtect ID, a device that is changing the way all industries protect their lone workers, and a great option for college campuses to protect their students!

Signals We Monitor

Internet & IP Signals

IP monitoring allows alarm signals to be transmitted over the internet as well as over private networks, enabling you to support customers who have switched to broadband or digital cable telephone service rather than traditional (pots) telephone lines.

The optional Keep Your IP service, provides dealers their own receiver IP address, so that IP based alarm systems can be routed in a manner similar to traditional 800 numbers. Keep Your IP gives dealers the flexibility to route their IP signals as they desire.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of internet formats supported.

Cellular, GSM, and Radio

Often referred to as backup communications devices, the latest offerings of GSM, GPRS, Cellular and Long-range radio systems can also be used as primary communications systems. These systems can protect the security of your clients' homes or businesses in the event of a telephone or broadband internet service disruption. Security Central maintains separate receivers for GSM, Cellular and Radio communications, ensuring that backup communications are available at all times.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of cellular & wireless formats supported.

2-Way Voice & PERS

Typically used with Personal Emergency, Elevators, and Two-Way enabled intrusion systems, two-way voice monitoring allows two-way communication with our central station through your customers' alarm system. With two-way voice, your clients can provide important information to our operators from anywhere in their homes or businesses without having to locate a phone.

Please refer to our compatibility list for a detailed list of PERS systems supported.

Business Growth Resources

Diamond Rewards & Dealer Referral Programs

Diamond Rewards is a program for alarm dealers that rewards you for adding new accounts! How it works: Dealers earn points for every account added throughout the year. At the end of the year Security Central will credit $1 for every point earned! This program is a great way for our dealers to expand their business and make save money while doing so! Click here to sign up!

We believe the best way to make ourselves known is through word of mouth from our dealers! Our dealers know firsthand the level of service they are provided and are the best resource to help expand our growing family! Thanks to this we created a dealer referral program. How it works: For every account a referral adds in the first year, the referring dealer will receive a $3 credit!

Answering Services & Call Campaigns

We offer a range of answering services designed to enhance your relationship with your customers, including answering calls in your company's name and providing toll-free numbers. In addition, we offer the option of flexible message distribution, allowing you access to non-critical and emergency alarm messages at your convenience through voice calls, fax, e-mail or on demand through our on-line web client SCAN.

Our outbound call campaigns reach your customers to ensure regular communications, reduce attrition, and offer additional services. Rely on our trained call center employees to contact your customers with professionalism, and courtesy.

Billing & Collections

We offer direct bill, collections and certified mail services that can improve your efficiency and provide cost savings for your business. With our direct bill service, we can bill your customers at the monitoring rate you designate and at the frequency you specify, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We accept all traditional methods of payment from your subscribers, as well as monthly bank account drafts, and credit card drafts.

Once a month, our accounting department will deposit customers' payments electronically into your banking account and provide a detailed report of payments by customer. We deduct our wholesale monitoring fee and direct bill fee from your designated rate and refund the remainder to you monthly.

Education & Training

Our commitment to you extends beyond our reliable and cost-effective monitoring services. The Security Central team includes a full-time trainer who works with dealers and leads educational seminars for emergency responders. We offer a wide range of courses covering topics that include sales, troubleshooting and preparation for National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Levels I and II. Most courses satisfy requirements for state continuing education (CE) credits. Click here to learn more!

Technical Support

Dealer technical support is available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Dealers can talk to a technical support representative at Security Central to help troubleshoot any issues they have installing or servicing alarm panels and communicating with the central station. In order to deliver the highest quality of support we have a dedicated room with all equipment we support installed and active. This allows us to physically work on an active panel or camera alongside the technician to aid in support.